OnDemand Webinar: New discovery tools for measuring immune cell fate, fitness, and function

In this webinar, Dr. David Ferrick discusses how to use the new Agilent Seahorse XF HS Mini analyzer for high-sensitivity cellular metabolic measurements using fewer cells. In the immunotherapy field, where you’re faced with small sample sizes, it is critical that you have workflow solutions that allow you to understand bioenergetics as a driver of immune cell fate, fitness, and function. Dr. Ferrick will introduce a comprehensive workflow solution which has been optimized for high-sensitivity immune cell analysis designed to further propel immunotherapy discoveries.

Tune in to learn about the advantages of the new Seahorse XF HS Mini solution and novel strategies for immunometabolic intervention in cancer research.

Discover new techniques for:

  • Interrogating T cell activation in real-time
  • Measuring low respiratory cell types with higher confidence
  • Achieving higher metabolic measurement sensitivity using fewer cells per well

OnDemand Webinar
Presented by:

David Ferrick, PhD.
Associate VP
Cell Analysis Division Agilent Technologies 

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