Webinar #2 with Keynote Speaker Dr. Sarah Gitto
Autologous tumor/TIL avatar development to study patient-specific response to Immuno-therapy

Welcome to our Series of Immuno-therapy Webinars featuring International Key Opinion Leaders and Next Generation Solutions for Immune Metabolism and Cell therapy research.

In this webinar, Dr.Sarah Gitto, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, PA, USA, will discuss aspects of her research developing a humanized orthotopic PDX platform to better assess patient-specific T-cell responses to immune therapy in vivo.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • Development of patient-matched orthotopic PDX/ TIL models and their validation
  • HLA-dependent IFNγ production and activation of expanded TILs, when co-cultured with autologous tumor cells
  • Combination with anti-PD-1 - significantly increased patient-matched tumor cell lysis and increased overall survival

We will also be joined by two Agilent Cell Analysis experts Alex Liversage, Product Specialist, and Silke Schwengberg who will showcase Agilent’s purpose-built applications that enable real-time measures of immune cell function, phenotype, fitness and fate.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

14.00 GMT +1 (London)
15.00 GMT +2 (Paris)
9.00 EDT (New York)
6.00 PDT (Los Angeles)

This event will be 1.5  hours


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Dr. Sarah Gitto
University of Pennsylvania
School of Medicine, PA, USA

Alex Liversage
Product Specialist, UK & Ireland
Cell Analysis, Agilent

Silke Schwengberg
Country Manager Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Cell Analysis Division, ACEA, a part of Agilent

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