The bioenergetics of immune cell persistence in the tumor microenvironment

In this webinar, Dr. David Ferrick discusses how advances in our understanding of T cell co-receptors have led to new strategies for keeping immune cells turned on in the suppressive, hostile tumor microenvironment. Much has been learned in the last decade about metabolic reprogramming in cancer, focused initially on tumor metabolism. However, by applying this knowledge to infiltrating immune cells we are now beginning to appreciate the metabolic drivers of immune cell fitness, specifically stable mitochondrial function that can perhaps reverse exhaustion phenotypes by enhancing survival and function in hypoxic and nutritionally depleted tumor microenvironments.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • T cell metabolic programming associated with effective and ineffective cancer immunity research
  • Metabolic phenotypes of various immune cell subsets
  • Novel strategies for immunometabolic intervention in cancer research

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

08:00 PDT (Los Angeles)
11:00 EDT (New York)
16:00 BST (London)

Presented by:

David Ferrick, PhD
Senior Strategy Director
Cell Analysis Division, Agilent

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