Exploring how Mycobacterium tuberculosis reprograms host bioenergetic metabolism

Tuberculosis (TB) is the top infectious killer in the world with a major cause of these deaths being antimycobacterial drug resistance. Hence, host-directed therapies are being increasingly considered as adjunctive treatment for TB. This requires a more comprehensive knowledge of how Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), the causative agent of TB, modulates the metabolism of the host to subvert the host’s immune response. Using the Seahorse XF Technology, we investigated how Mtb reprogrammed the bioenergetic metabolism of the human host in vitro and ex vivo.

In this webinar we will discuss

  • Examining the host’s bioenergetic response to a microbial pathogen in a BSL3 environment
  • How the Seahorse XF technology can be used to characterize mycobacterial modulation of the host bioenergetic metabolism
  • How the Seahorse XF technology can be integrated with stable isotope carbon tracing to discover new paradigms of disease.
  • Translational potential of the Seahorse XF technology for studying human TB.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

07:00 PST (Los Angeles)
10:00 EST (New York)
15:00 GMT (London)

Presented by:

Bridgette M Cumming, PhD
Research Associate
Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) Durban, South Africa

Introduction by Dr. Adrie Steyn
Professor/Investigator UAB/AHRI

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