T cell metabolism in activation and exhaustion

There has been a surge of recent interest in the role of metabolic and energetic pathways in the function and differentiation of immune cells. In this webinar, I will discuss the early and late metabolic changes that occur during T cell activation, the signaling pathways that can govern this process, the functional consequences of these metabolic switches, and the implications for modulation of immunity in cancer and other diseases.

What you will learn during the eSeminar:

  • Agilent Seahorse XF technology reveals that proximal TCR signaling can drive very early metabolic changes that occur in response to T cell activation.
  • Early activation-induced metabolic reprogramming is essential for short-term effector function.
  • Metabolic reprogramming downstream of costimulatory receptors can dramatically change the phenotype and function of therapeutic T cells.
  • T cell exhaustion is characterized by metabolic insufficiency

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Thursday, October 18, 2018
8:00 PDT (Los Angeles)
11:00 EDT (New York)
16:00 BST (London)

Available On Demand after October 18
All registrants will be notified when available

Presented by:

Greg M. Delgoffe, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Tumor Microenvironment Center
Department of Immunology
University of Pittsburgh

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