Agilent Seahorse XFp Analyzer T-Cell Activation Assay

A new method to assess T cell activation

Current methods to assess T cell activation take hours. With the Seahorse XFp analyzer T cell activation assay, you can accelerate your analysis from hours to minutes.  

The Seahorse XFp analyzer can detect T cell activation response within several minutes of stimulation with CD3/CD28 immunogenic beads by measuring, in real-time, the changes in the rate of extracellular acidification (ECAR, a qualitative indicator of glycolysis) and then converting to PER, an absolute and quantitative measure of extracellular acidification (pmol/min rather than mpH/min).

Download the T cell activation Application Note to learn how to:

  • Measure T cell activation within 6 minutes of stimulation with CD3/CD28 immunogenic beads.
  • Modulate T cell activation with the use of programmable drug injection ports.
  • Dive deeper into the metabolism driving T cell response through standardized assays that provide metabolic phenotype, bioenergetic pathway assessment and fuel/ substrate preference.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.